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Tree view

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This Beta component is currently under review, so please join in and give us your feedback on the PatternFly forum
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AttributeApplied toOutcome
role="tree".pf-c-tree-view__listIdentifies the ul as a tree widget. Place on the outermost ul only
role="group".pf-c-tree-view__listIdentifies the ul element as a container of treeitem elements that form a branch of the tree. Place on all uls except the first ul
role="treeitem".pf-c-tree-view__list-itemHides the implicit listitem role of the li element from assistive technologies.
aria-expanded="false" the parent node is closed, i.e., the descendant elements are not visible.
aria-expanded="true" the parent node is open, i.e., the descendant elements are visible.
tabindex="-1".pf-c-tree-view__list-itemMakes the element with the treeitem role focusable without including it in the tab sequence of the page.
tabindex="0".pf-c-tree-view__list-itemIncludes the element with the treeitem role in the tab sequence. Only one treeitem in the tree has tabindex="0". When the user moves focus in the tree, the element included in the tab sequence changes to the element with focus.
aria-label="[button label text]".pf-c-tree-view__actionProvides an accessible name for the button when an icon is used instead of text. Required when icon is used with no supporting text


.pf-c-tree-view<div>Initiates the tree view container. Required
.pf-c-tree-view__list<ul>Initiates a tree view list. Required
.pf-c-tree-view__list-item<li>Initiates a tree view list item. Required
.pf-c-tree-view__content<div>Initiates a tree view node. Required
.pf-c-tree-view__node<button>, <a>Initiates a tree view node. Required
.pf-c-tree-view__node-count<span>Initiates a tree view node count.
.pf-c-tree-view__node-toggle-icon<span>Initiates a tree view toggle icon.
.pf-c-tree-view__node-text<span>Initiates tree view text.
.pf-c-tree-view__node-icon<span>Initiates a tree view icon.
.pf-c-tree-view__node-check<span>Initiates a tree view check.
.pf-c-tree-view__action<button>Initiates a tree view action.
.pf-c-tree-view__search<div>Initiates a tree view search wrapper. the tree view node to be the root node item. the tree view node to be current.

CSS Variables