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Info alert:Beta feature

This Beta component is currently under review, so please join in and give us your feedback on the PatternFly forum
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AttributesApplied toOutcome
aria-hidden="true".pf-c-search-input__icon > *Hides the search icon from assistive technologies. Required
aria-label="Previous".pf-c-search-input__nav > .pf-c-buttonProvides an accessible label for the previous nav button. Required
aria-label="Next".pf-c-search-input__nav > .pf-c-buttonProvides an accessible label for the next nav button. Required
aria-label="[descriptive text]".pf-c-search-input__text-inputProvides an accessible label for the search input. Required
aria-label="Clear".pf-c-search-input__clear > .pf-c-buttonProvides an accessible label for the clear button. Required


ClassApplied toOutcome
.pf-c-search-input<div>Initiates the custom search input component. Required
.pf-c-search-input__text<span>Initiates the text area. Required
.pf-c-search-input__text-input<input>Initiates the search input. Required
.pf-c-search-input__icon<span>Initiates the search icon container. Required
.pf-c-search-input__utilities<span>Initiates the utilities area beside the search input.
.pf-c-search-input__count<span>Initiates the item count container.
.pf-c-search-input__nav<span>Initiates the navigable buttons container.
.pf-c-search-input__clear<span>Initiates the clear button container. Required when there is text in the search input

CSS Variables